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Michael is a Manila native with extensive experience in both the printing and photography industries. Despite studying medical physics and taking a Masters in I.T., his entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish his own printing company in the Philippines. This venture ignited his passion for photography, particularly wedding photography.
With a camera always in his hand since youth, Michael’s journey into photography began with volunteering for Catholic congregations and cosplay conventions. Over a decade of experience has seen him capture over 300 weddings and events, alongside his brother, as part of a dynamic photography team catering to social and commercial clients.

Michael’s photographic style, a blend of innate talent and academic expertise, is characterized by his motto, “Discovering the Extraordinary in the Ordinary,” evident in every image he creates.
In his spare time, Michael is an Arena Chess Grand Master and indulges in collecting antiques and artwork. His involvement in various extracurricular activities, including Toastmasters and Singles for Christ, reflects his diverse interests.

Digitally Illustrated Portraits

Have your photographs turned to wonderful and attractive digital artworks! We specialize in popular styles such as pen, pencil, illustration and others. Give us a photo, choose from any of the styles below and we will do the rest! Inquire now!

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